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Singer Sewing Center
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Singer Sewing Center

SingerSinger® sewing machines are an important element of the sewing craft and when you need parts and service, it's best to rely on someone who knows Singer like the Sew Shop, a Singer sewing center. If you're just adopting sewing as a hobby or embarking on a sewing-based business, Singer sewing machines will serve all of your sewing needs.

As a Singer sewing center, we offer the following Singer sewing machine types:
  • Traditional Singer Sewing Machines
  • Singer Serger/Overlock Sewing Machines
  • Singer Embroidery Machines
  • Singer Quilting Machine
  • Singer Sewing and Embroidery Machine

If your sewing skills have outgrown your existing sewing machine, the Sew Shop can possibly make the trade up to a new Singer sewing machine easier. As a Singer sewing center, the Sew Shop offers trade-in value toward the purchase of a new sewing machine. The amount of the trade depends on the age, features, condition and market value of your existing sewing machine. As your Singer sewing center, contact the Sew Shop for all the Singer trade-in details.

Get more details about our specific Singer sewing machine models at our Singer Sewing Machines page.

With the purchase of a Singer sewing machine from the Sew Shop, you become eligible for the Sew Shop's Perks Card, our loyalty discount program. Contact us to find out more.

As one of six Singer Sewing Centers factory-authorized as a Singer warranty station, the Sew Shop is your one-stop location for Singer parts and repairs. Often carrying a larger variety of Singer sewing machine parts than the sewing manufacturer, many Singer sewing machine users browse our website and our physical locations for many hard-to-find items.

If you're having a difficult time finding the production details for your Singer sewing machine, consult our Date Your Singer Sewing Machine chart for the specific details.

Once you obtain that Singer part you've been searching for, don't risk your investment by trying to install it yourself. The Sew Shop, as your Singer sewing center, can diagnose any sewing machine problems you're encountering and install the parts required to make your sewing machine work like new.

The Sew Shop understands that finding a responsible and competent Singer repair center in your area may not be easy. We welcome you to ship your Singer sewing machine to us for repairs.

Read more information about Singer Parts, Singer Repairs and Singer Services.

Honor your sewing machine passion with a dedicated space for your Singer sewing machine. Every dedicated sewing space requires sewing furniture that suits the specific needs of your Singer sewing machine. Whether your sewing machine will always be in one place or you occasionally take it on the go, the Sew Shop offers sewing machine cabinets, sewing machine desks, sewing chairs, sewing machine storage, sewing machine bags and sewing machine carrying cases.

The Sew Shop offers the following sewing machine furniture brands:
  • Horn Cabinets
  • Arrow Sewing Cabinets
  • Blue Fig Sewing Machine Bags
  • Kangeroo Kabinets
  • Koala Sewing Cabinets

See our Sewing Machine Furniture page for more details.

The Sew Shop is your Singer sewing center for Singer machines, Singer sewing machine parts, Singer repairs, and sewing machine furniture. Come to one of our local sewing centers or call the Sew Shop at 888-873-9822. For our online customers, feel free to call us or use the convenient contact form below to submit any Singer sewing center questions you may have.

Learn more about the Singer Featherweight and other Singer machine products.

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